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Also I have a section here to change the site theme. I have set up the site to share content. For the time being there is only two themes but I am creating more themes just to show off my skills. Here is a list of themes that are completed: Sitemap logic: The web is a big confusing mess of un-organized thoughts and ideas. In my opinion, most of the time people spend online is trying to find what they are looking for. Alot of time you wont know what is or is not contained in a site untill you have spent an hour not finding what you are looikg for.This can all be avoided with careful planning, and a "Sitemap". A sitemap should contain all the links in an entire site on a single page. A person should be able to get to any page in a site within 2 clicks, thats right "2" clicks, not 5 clicks, 10 clicks, back button, back button and then maybe ending up at the page you are looking for. A sitemap that is available from every page on the entire site will make this possible.

Obis pages - In this section I keep all the pages that I use for myself, I don't put links to these from the main navigation bar because the content in these pages are not really relevant to anyone but myself.

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