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Projects / Web

Just a little note, most of these links dont work anymore because they are old. I will update the links soon.
  • obis blog site - Almost ready for the world!
  • HHHCustomWoodwork - the site has been purchased and that is just about all that has happened so far... more to come.
  • OAT - end
  • Psyacs - completed
  • Rutgers Learning Center -completed. This is an old link, the new site is not mine.
  • Robeson - completed
  • CSNet site - (in the very most basic stage.. this site needs much more content to proceed)
    • usage - andromeda
    • - - - a statement for the next few items - - - { I am working on some new templates for the CSNet site... there does not seem to be a standard and therefore I am trying to create one. If you have any authority to make decisions about standards please email my with your feedback. What the heck, if you have comment just give them to me }
    • version 2 - This version has basically the same header as the Blackboard header, but the red and black line runs into infinity. A note the navigation does not work properly, but that will be changed later.
    • version 3 - This version I created a new navigation system, it uses folder icon for subset links. This I think is very logical and looks less cluttered at first glance (especially when you have over maybe 15 links in your navigation). The header I modified to be a bit more symmetrical compared to the Blackboard header.
    • version 4 - This version I created with a Rutgers red background and some basic shadow effects, it has my original navigation that I messed up on.
    • version 5 - This is like version 4 accept I used the navigation from version 3 and added more effects to the header.
  • Purchasing site - under construction (see the RIAS link for related information)
  • Ethnicity site - current version
  • Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures - under construction
  • A basic template - this is the template as per request of Marie
  • RNSBDC - This site is in limbo,.. I have no idea what is going on with it.
  • Sample headers - this is a group of headers that can be viewed immediately within the page
  • rutgers nursing bioterrorism site - I am working on some new graphics for the site. this is basically the same as what they currently have posted, accept for the logo. I vectored everything in flash and copied the rest of the page.
  • rutgers nursing bioterrorism site 002
    • The links below are a set of images and swf files. They are output of my scratch-pad, from working on logos for the bioterror site.
    • link - bioterror logo
    • link - bioterror logo
    • link - bioterror logo
    • link - nursing logo re - vectored by me
    • link - " " " " ... cleaned up the lamp graphic
    • pic - header

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