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Projects / Sounds

nohere is a small collection of my works, I don't really have the server space for much right now so for the time being I will alternate some of the tracks until I have the space for all of the tracks I want to post.

-----A side note --- If you are using Winblows, quicktime does not play these files properly. Sorry Apple, I love your OS, but quicktime does not read everything properly. Quicktime has been a frustration of mine for many years. Use something like Realplayer, Mplayer for windblows (this is the one I recommend, its open source with no spyware or adware), or the dreaded Winblows Media Player. -----

lonHasMeLookingForPlotHoles-obis11.mp3 - A glassy green experimental piece with a coating of hard twisty blue bass. One of the few tracks I produced with the Nord Lead 2 modular. Thanks to Joe, (where ever you are). I wrote this in 2004 (I think) 4:24 4.03 MB
parody_of_decay(original)-obis11.mp3 About 100 plates and bowls were smashed to create this track. Each breaking sound is unique, dont let the echo fool you, each sample is different. Its a short track but I was determined to make the breaking sounds longer than the melody,.. and I ran out of stuff to break. 1:55 1.76 MB 2003
obis11-milk_dx-(repeeled_milk_paper_dxmxd_by_obis11).mp3 - this is an Autechre track I remixed for a contest in 2002-ish. The site that posted my mix, for some unexplained reason, posted my track but it was all messed up. If you google this track and go to xltronic you will see what I mean. This a fine example of what I can get done under pressure. I dont love it exaclty, but I remixed this completely in about a day. 5:54 2.7 MB 2002
lost_in_the_mystery_ghost_residue-obis11.mp3 - this a really ambient track with dissonant bass that some people find to be very painful at high volume. This track shakes the hell out of sub woofers. 11:26 20.9 MB 2000
being_destroyed_by_yourself(original)-obis11.mp3 - This track is one of the many tracks I contributed to the soundtrack of an independent film called "liv" by Lon Lawson. Its a ambient glitchy sounding track. 4:10 7.63 MB 2001
wish_i_knew_(original)-obis11.mp3 - this track is basically just noise and was another track contributed to the "liv" soundtrack, (some people have called "liv" an hour long obis11 music video, so if you decide to search for this film, keep this in mind). 3:19 6.08 MB 2000
salty_pain_is_neither_here_nor_this_nor_validity_spoon.mp3 7:01 6.42 MB 2001
raver_blood_clot-obis11.mp3 12:49 11.7 MB 2002

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