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This site is where I show off my various projects. From the websites, graphics, photography, pen and ink drawings, images, 3d renderings, animation and music. I work with a variety of applications and tools to produce my works. I prefer a UNIX based environment, but due to availability and convenience, sometimes I use Windows.


Website projects - My web programming skills include, but are not limited to, writing in: html, css, php, Macromedia Flash scripting, and a bit in Pearl. I can also generate rss feeds. I can work with mysql and sql databases (mostly just setting them up and keeping them running, nothing to fancy). Experienced in installing programs like PhpNuke, Phpmywebsite, and Coppermine. The websites I create, I make using a variety of windows and linux software, all run on fedora, Knoppix and Unbuntu machines. If and when I use windows software, I usually port it through wine, or crossover office.

Images - My computer generated images are made primarily using Blender, Gimp, Fireworks, and Flash. I am a decent photographer, I mostly use (and definitely prefer) 35mm, but I will also use digital cameras for convenience. I am very skilled with pen and ink, (or in my case, particularly pen) and have a very large collection of images that I have been selling for the past 10 years. I have also used watercolors, oils, acrylics and pastels. My works are not limited to what you see in this site, I have created so much artwork in the past 10 years, that I'm sure is not possible to document and scan all of it within my lifetime.


Audio - My largest collection of anything is definitely my audio works. I am not really highlighting the audio works on this site because I mostly use another alias for audio. I make ambient, rhythmic noise, hardcore and experimental music. I have had my work (under my Obis 11 alias) featured on other websites and a few video projects. Also, I use my audio in flash animations and flash websites.

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